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Our main areas of treatment

The Schoen Clinic group offers you highly specialised medicine in the fields of orthopaedics, neurology, surgery and internal medicine.

Our internationally recognised experts will provide you with a treatment plan that is individually tailored to your needs. From prevention, conservative and surgical therapies to rehabilitation in one of our rehabilitation clinics. 

Our specialist areas

Paediatric orthopaedics

Child-friendly treatment at the highest level

The treatment of children with orthopaedic conditions requires special expertise. At Schoen Clinic group, we combine the latest cutting-edge medicine with a great deal of empathy for you and your child. You and your child are in good hands with us, for example in the case of childhood scoliosis, congenital malformations of the musculoskeletal system or hip dysplasia. 

Back and Spine

We make your back strong again

One of our main focuses is the treatment of back problems and pain. In your therapy, we combine high professional expertise with a lot of humanity. Our treatment spectrum ranges from prevention and conservative measures to highly specialised surgical interventions and rehabilitation. You will be treated by excellent experts and made fit for everyday life again.

Foot and ankle joint

We support you when your feet no longer carry you

Our foot and ankle joints are very important joints in our body. Therefore, if you have any complaints, you should see a specialist and place yourself in qualified hands. The Schoen Clinic group specialises in the treatment of foot and ankle disorders. You will receive modern therapy from us for example for a torn ankle ligament, a metatarsal fracture and also for a diabetic foot.

Neurology for children (neuropaediatrics)

Empathetic care in severe situations

Our specialists in neuropaediatrics are there for you and your child. We take care of you as a family when your world is out of joint. We treat a wide range of neurological diseases, from childhood strokes and traumatic brain injuries to epilepsy (diagnosis and surgery). Your child will receive the best possible therapy from us with interdisciplinary and empathetic care.

Neurological rehabilitation

We support you in managing your everyday life again

At Schoen Hospitals, we offer patients and their families excellent medical support with our neurological rehabilitation following a serious neurological illness, enabling them to experience everyday life again more effectively.